How we came up with our name

Alcyone in classical Greek mythology was one of the Pleiades, the “seven sisters”. The seven sisters were the daughters of Atlas (one of the Titans) and Pleione (a Nymph). Their names: Alcyone, Maya, Asterope, Merope, Electra, Taygeta and Celaeno.

Another Alcyone occurs in some ancient Greek myths. She was the daughter of Aeolus, “Ruler of the Winds”, and Enarete. In this myth, she was married to Ceyx – and they were so enthralled with their union that they dared to called themselves Zeus and Hera – for which presumption, Zeus turned them into birds.

In astronomy, Alycone is the “central” (as appears from Earth) and brightest star of the Pleiades – an “open cluster” of blue-white stars in the constellation of Taurus.

So, how does this apply to Amy and Rena, you might ask?  Well, we both have sisters – Amy has two and Rena has seven.  Then there is the whole “ruler of the winds” thing.  As wind players, that seems pretty obvious.  As for the astronomical reference, it’s nice to think of ourselves as the “brightest star(s).”

Add to that our affiliation with Andover Educators, our initials would also be A.E.  It all seemed to come together beautifully. That, and we liked name!

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